Advertising Ledger

With so much free space and such a high volume of passengers, public transport is an ideal place for advertisements to proliferate. Cinemas, furniture stores and even Bovril had advertising contracts with the SITC at some point and the record of many of these is listed in this ledger. This document is organised in the same way as the impersonal ledger but has a more specific purpose and as a result is a little bit more unique. Dealings with individual companies are listed in a more ad hoc entry system that is organised through an index at the beginning of the book.

There are only two of these available for the SITC, although there is a suggestion that there were more. Despite this, these nuggets of information are a great example of the potential in this catalogue.

©First Group Source: Richard Burton Archives, Swansea University, Catalogue Reference LAC/85/C28

©First Group
Source: Richard Burton Archives, Swansea University

Left is an account that the SITC had with Swansea Town Association Football Club, taken from within the Advertising Ledger. Click on the link below to see the page and use the explanatory notes to guide you through the document.

SITC Advertising Ledger (1921)

Advertising Ledger- Items and Explanatory Notes

To look at the real thing quote the catalogue reference LAC/85/C28 at the Richard Burton Archive. See the ‘Your Turn’ page for more information.