Employee Savings Register

The SITC’s Employee Savings Register lists the deposits and withdrawals of employees to and from a savings scheme run by the company. This week by week account provides an exceptional insight into the personal finances of a named group of employees during a particularly economically unstable period of time, the 1930s.

©First Group, Source: Richard Burton Archives, Swansea University, Catalogue Reference Number LAC/85/C52

©First Group
Source: Richard Burton Archive, Swansea University

A page from the register (left) can be viewed by clicking the link below. Use the explanatory notes to explore the document and find out what it can tell you.

SITC Employee Savings Register (1935)

Employee Savings Register- Items and Explanatory Notes

To look at the real thing quote the catalogue reference LAC/85/C52 at the Richard Burton Archive. See the ‘Your Turn’ page for more information.