Popular Culture

A look at Local Popular Culture

Within (local) popular culture, The Swansea & Mumbles Railway has been a prolific topic for local historians. These manifest as a variety of informative books and online blogging or sites. These sites and books are mainly focused on the history of memory. This being a look at their own personal memories of the Railway and the influences on their respective lives. It is a form of non-academic heritage. These tend to be books that are useful for attaining basic information.

This reflects the potential of the collection at the Archive. An opportunity to study unique information that is not available elsewhere. Essentially, a great way to enhance knowledge beyond the basic.

Nostalgia is a recurrent theme. Other forms of material available include picture books and even poetry and film. The films ‘Sentimental Journey’ and ‘Ticket to Ride’ by Roy Kneath were contributed to by local volunteers and enthusiasts. Also, the BBC have produced nostalgic pieces on the railway. Here is a BBC Wales production from 1998.

Little does better to capture the local feeling towards the memories The Swansea & Mumbles Railway provided than the poem ‘The Mumbles Train’ by Alwyn Thomas:


Previously published in the Mumbles News, March 1978