Choosing a research question

What research ideas can I follow in the Richard Burton Archive?

This section will look at two specific pieces of archive that you can use and then look at the topics you could study by using them. Then it will look at the way you can use the sources in your research and potential questions that you can follow. Finally you can look at some potential research questions that you could look at by using the collection overall.

There are obviously many more topics that you could look at and these are only examples, yet hopefully they will help you to get ideas about what you could do and generate interest in the archives themselves and in the Mumbles railway. The archive need to be used in conjunction with other secondary sources and other primary materials too.

Working in the archives enables you to do unique research and to contribute new ideas to historical topics. These topics include:

– history of business
– history of industry
– history of railways
– history of tourism
– history of leisure

All of the topics discussed in this section could be expanded upon and looked at in the context of Britain, or South Wales as well as Swansea. Thus, although you are mainly looking at localised history when studying in the Richard Burton Archive, you could make comparisons to other similar railways or cultures across Britain.

The research questions which you can follow are specialised, unique and give you an opportunity to learn new skills by learning how to research in archive. Having a dissertation which looks at new topics is always exciting and these questions could make a real difference to the study of local history, the history of Swansea, railways in South Wales and much more.