Example: Using the archive’s ‘Newspaper Clippings’

Newspaper clippings from 1935-1936

A fascinating read. Studying the newspaper clippings available in the archive from 1935-1936 in Swansea provide great insight into the culture and society which existed there, in addition to the priorities and interests that the news faced throughout the inter-war years.


Source: Richard Burton Archive, Swansea University, Reproduced with permission from the South Wales Evening Post

Newspaper clippings can provide the greatest ‘Eureka!’ moments during your study of the archives. When you are trawling through many documents and then suddenly you discover an important bit of information which you can use, or even merely an interesting article which gives you a sense of history, newspapers help to keep your motivation up as there is always something fascinating to find.

Potential research questions using the newspaper clippings:

– How did The Swansea & Mumbles railway fit into the culture of Swansea in 1935-6?

With this question you could talk about how the railway affected the people of Swansea socially, culturally and economically, potentially for people who used the railway to travel to parties on the Mumbles pier.


Source: Richard Burton Archive, Swansea University
Reproduced with permission from the South Wales Evening Post

– What problems and challenges did the railway face when the cancellation of trams in Swansea was introduced in 1936?

The newspapers go into great detail about the petitions for and against the trams of Swansea being cancelled and for this reason it is clear that the topic was one of hot contention. It would be very intriguing to delve into this further.